Sunday, April 30, 2006

What's So Good About It

I just want to sleep some more
But the auld dog's howling at my door
I don't even feel that sore
I just want to sleep some more

8 am and it's dark outside
Dry eyes feel so tired
Damn alarm clock just went suicide
This bed's a good place to hide

Such a damn fine place to rest
Her sleeping breath on my chest
The warm curve of her breast
Mmm... this place is blest

Been months since I last saw the sun
It was such a damn fine, beautiful one
She left me in the mood for fun
And I blew the traps like a bullet, like a bullet from a gun

Oh I lived by day and slept by night
Rose each morn as the world grew bright
Glorious sunshine tempered my eternal fight
And I found my purpose in thunderous might

Oh it's the summer
I'm on a runner
I'm feeling just a little bit taller
Since I found the guts to call her

How I'd laugh at the smallest thing
Howl for joy at the coming of spring
In the summer, with the birds I'd sing
And never a thought for what winter might bring

Before I knew it, it was my birthday again
The shadows were reaching deeper, down into the glen
Samhain soon beckoned then
Suddenly, I could see the end

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate mornings
But I won't rise, for fear of the hound's growled warning
Already dark clouds are forming
I sometimes lack the most basic yearning

Don't want my feet to hit the floor
Don't want to stand under the shower's pour
Don't want to head for that door
I just want to sleep some more

© John Rogers 2006

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vinegar Stride

That old style music
Hits me right between the eyes
Second-hand lyrics
Come as no surprise
I’m bobbin’ and I’m groovin’
Before I realise
I’m cooked, I’m toast
My host has thrown me to the wolves
I’m finished, I’m done
I’ve fallen to the wolves

I’m cruising, there’s no need to hide
I’m on, I’m on, I’m on
The Vinegar Stride
I’m on The Vinegar Stride

Never lasts very long
I’m back on the street
I’m glad handling
Everyone I meet
Looking for my next fix
Gonna taste so sweet
So pretty, so hot
So everything I’m not
So pretty, so what
So easily forget

When I’m cruising, there’s no need to hide
I’m on, I’m on, I’m on
The Vinegar Stride
I’m on The Vinegar Stride

I’m packing baby
Yeah, I’m handling heat
There’s no such thing
As too much to eat
I’m flying, Joe
Coming into land
No crying, so
Glove in hand
Fist in hand
Fist in hand
Fist in hand

I’m cruising, I’ve too much to hide
I’m on, I’m on, I’m on
The Vinegar Stride

© John Rogers 2009

Saturday, April 15, 2006


She is my blackbird
Sings a sweet song
She's off limits
But I always get it wrong

She can touch
It's way outa line
Then it's hard to tell
What is hers and what is mine

Oh now, Sweetheart
Wait outside the door
I'm gonna take it slow

Brings me coffee
I wake slow
Curls in beside me
And I know it's time to go

Aw now, Sweetheart
Standing at my door
I gotta take it slow

Slowly sliding off key
Knowing full-well how it's meant to be
I'll pick and choose
'Till I can't lose
And two plus two makes three

Hope tears asunder
Makes you question your fate
I often wonder
Why I always leave it late

Aw now, Sweetheart
You've broken through the door
Yeah now, Honey
We've ended up on the floor
We shoulda took it slow
Shoulda took it slow

© John Rogers 2006